Uladi Mussa decries prison congestion

Uladi Mussa decries prison congestion

Pardoned politician Uladi Mussa has asked the courts to consider giving non-custodial sentence for minor offences to ease congestion in prisons.

He also suggested ordering such offenders to engage in community service instead of imprisonment to decrease the number of inmates in the country’s prisons.

Mussa: Prisons need
to be decongested

Mussa made the appeal on Wednesday when he returned to Zomba Maximum Prison, where he served part of his six-year jail sentence, to cheer ailing inmates.

He said: “My life changed when I was convicted. Life is tough in prison and even tougher when one is ill. Inmates are suffering.

“That is why, I have given myself the title of prison ambassador and will do everything possible to fight for inmates rights.”

Zomba Central Prison inmate and ward number 11 president Alfred Stephano thanked Mussa for the visit and the items he donated.

He said: “Honourable Mussa was my cell mate and we were moved together from Dedza Prison to Zomba before he was moved to Maula and later pardoned.

“Most convicts easily fall ill due to congestion. Government must decongest prisons.”

In an interview yesterday, Centre for Human Rights Education  and Advice and Assistance executive director Victor Mhango agreed with Mussa, saying they have been advocating the same but the government seems not interested in reforms in the justice system.

Mussa was imprisoned in 2020 for fraudulently issuing citizenship and work permits to foreigners.

He was among 200 prisoners pardoned by President Lazarus Chakwera during Easter in April 2023.

The post Uladi Mussa decries prison congestion first appeared on Nation Online.

The post Uladi Mussa decries prison congestion appeared first on Nation Online.