Tsogolo La Ana pumps in K87 million for extension of Maria Primary School

By Petro Mkandawire

Blantyre, March 16, Mana: Tsogolo La Ana on Friday launched an K87 million project for the construction of an extension to Maria Primary School in Traditional Authority (TA) Kuntaja in Blantyre.

Maria Primary School, which was constructed by Tsogolo La Ana in 2022, has a total enrolment of 517 learners from Standards 1 to 4.

The organisation plans to add a school block with additional four classrooms to make it a full primary school.

Speaking during the launch, Tsogolo La Ana Executive Director, Lucy Maunde, said they decided to extend the school to a full primary school after a huge demand by community members.

She said when children reach Standard 5 they have nowhere to go which results in school dropout.

“We want to update the school to a full primary school since we have observed an increase in school dropout due to long-distances travelled by learners in a bid to access further education in the nearest schools which are almost eight kilometres away with rivers between.

“Development of newly added school blocks will alleviate some challenges at this school. We will also provide 100 desks, learners and teachers guide books and teachers’ chairs, among others,” said Maunde.

She, therefore, urged community members to work hand in hand with them in construction of the new school blocks saying when community is actively involved in education, they provide additional resources, support and accountability to schools which leads to better learners performance.

Group Village Head Kalombola encouraged the community to take part in education activities saying their involvement aids in identifying local education issues and develop strategies to resolve them.

“Through school committee, I reach out to community members and encourage them to actively send their children to school since this contributes to the betterment of the society and boosts opportunities within the community,” said the village head.

Primary Education Advisor for Dziwe Zone, Snowden Chimaimba, expressed gratitude for the project.

He said education is a powerful force that drives personal growth and development and empowers individuals to identify their passions and strengths, enabling them to pursue meaningful careers and contribute to society.

“This initiative will instill a renewed sense of hope in the community and promises a brighter future for learners. I am grateful for this project because it will lessen distances to accessing education,” said Chimaimba.

He appealed to well-wishers and stakeholders to come in and help the school with feeding programme and a borehole as the school lacks potable water.

Tsogolo La Ana, with funding from ABC Association of Germany, is implementing Tsogolo La Ana project in Blantyre rural, Chiradzulu, Phalombe, Lilongwe, Mulanje, Thyolo and Salima to improve education and help the underage attain basic education.

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