Traditional sounds from Shire Valley

Traditional sounds from Shire Valley

Traditional musician Lome Mafunga says it is his wish to continue playing and promoting traditional music from the twin Shire Valley districts of Nsanje and Chikwawa.

Speaking during his performance at Jacaranda Cultural Centre in Blantyre, the artist said though his music has not received enough support, he is determined to continue with his mission.

Lome Mafunga and his band captured in action

“I have to support myself and use funds realised from farming to sponsor my music mission. It has not been an easy journey, but I believe we must make sure that we use our talent to preserve our culture and in my case it is through music,” he said.

Mafunga, who performed under the Sounds of Malawi platform hosted every Thursday evening, said his music consists of traditional sounds of dances such as utse and maseseto, among others.

Supported by Kulinji Mafunga on the babatoni, Faith Mkomera and Naomi Lungu on backing vocals, Alfonso Alfonso on the drums and Moses Black Malick as a dancer, Lome Mafunga delivered a flawless set.

Some of the songs performed included Banja, Munandikakamiza Mamuna and John Chilembwe.

On his part, Sounds of Malawi host Waliko Makhala praised Lome Mafunga for keeping it local with his music.

“He could have embraced these modern genres, but he has stuck to his roots. It is so beautiful to watch and we need more of such artists,” he said. 

The band interacted with patrons and ended the performance with the traditional Jacaranda train dance where patrons join the performance in a dance imitating a train.

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