Timothy Mtambo Appointed as AFORD Vice President Amidst Waning Public Trust

In a surprise move, Timothy Mtambo, a former cabinet minister under the Lazarus Chakwera-led administration, has joined the Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) as its vice president.

The announcement was made at Nkhotakota boma today, where AFORD president Enoch Chihana was addressing a gathering.

Mtambo’s decision to join AFORD comes as a surprise to many, given his previous activism and criticism of political parties.

Just recently, he had vehemently attacked the Tonse Alliance for failing to run the country effectively, accusing them of prioritizing personal interests over national development.

However, his move to join AFORD has raised eyebrows, with many questioning his sincerity and political principles.

Some have labeled his decision as a betrayal of his previous stance, and an attempt to seek political relevance.

Social media has been abuzz with criticism, with many users attacking Mtambo’s move as hypocritical and opportunistic.

Some have accused him of seeking power and influence, while others have questioned his commitment to the values he previously espoused.

Mtambo’s Citizen for Transformation (CFT) group has also merged with AFORD, with members joining the party.

Both Mtambo and Chihana urged people to vote for AFORD in next year’s elections, promising to address the country’s challenges.

Despite this, many Malawians have expressed disappointment and distrust in Mtambo’s activism, citing his perceived flip-flopping and political opportunism.

Some have questioned his motives for joining AFORD, wondering if he is genuinely committed to the party’s ideals or simply seeking power and influence.

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