Three sentenced to seven years IHL for robbery in Lilongwe

The Mapuyu Second Grade Magistrate court in Lilongwe, has convicted and sentenced three men to 7 years imprisonment with hard labour for the offence of robbery.

According to Lilongwe Police Public Relations Officer, Hastings Chigalu, Police through state prosecutor Steve Galleta, heard that on October 31, 2022 the convicts, Austin Josamu, 31, Masawu Banda, 26, Matias Phiri, 29, and three others who are still at large went to Katchuta Farm in the district, where they stole property worth K5, 849,250.

“Galleta continued to tell the court that the six, tied the watchmen before breaking into the warehouse and stole 15 goats, 105 live chickens, 10 bags of rice and maize, 12 bags of fertilizer and other assorted items.

“They transported the items in four trips using a hired minibus to Lilongwe City where they sold,” chigalu explained
Chigalu further said Galleta told the court that only K509, 000 worth of items were recovered.

In court, the convicts pleaded not guilty to the charge of robbery, a development that forced the state to parade six witnesses to prove the case.

Passing the sentence, Second Grade Magistrate Lily Munyenyembe said the convicts’ behavior poses a danger to the society and capable of driving away potential investors.

Munyenyembe then went on to slap the convicts with seven years imprisonment with hard labour to serve as a deterrent to would be offenders.






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