This School Doesn’t Have Toilets, Children Use Bush to Help Themselves. See How They Do It

They say every African has a free basic education and free public service, but if you check, the standard of education they give is so poor, not mentioning the level of poor service delivery. The ANC government has proved to us that they are incompetent so many times. Education is one of the things that the government must prioritize if they want the country to develop, but they pay less attention to it. There are still schools where children still don’t have enough facilities; some even go the whole year without receiving books.

Speaking of poor school infrastructure, there is a trending story that is so heartbreaking. The story of one of the schools in Kwazulu Natal that is suffering from poor infrastructure and poor service delivery from the government. It seems like our government only pays attention to schools that are in urban areas and less attention to those that are in rural Areas. That is one of the reasons why you will find the performance rate in rural areas is so low compared to those in urban areas.

There is a trending school On social media following the poor service delivery that the school has been receiving. According to the reports, students and teachers in Saphumula secondary school, which is located in Kwazulu Natal, have been using bushes as sanitary because there may be no restrooms at school. It is alleged that the government demolished the toilets that were there in 2019 and promised to build new ones, but since then nothing has been done.

For the past 3 years, they have been asking to use the toilets from houses that are near the school, but those households are now complaining, so the only solution they have so far is to go to the bush and begin classes. This is so touching. In some of the pictures, female students can be seen helping themselves behind classes, while some are using their jackets to cover those who are helping themselves.

Our government never ceases to disappoint. This is also posing a very high risk to students because so much can happen when they are in the bushes. We are living in a world where girls are being sexually harassed every day. Sending them to bushes to help themselves is putting their lives at risk. I even blame the community for letting the situation get out of control to this extent. If every student contributes T5, they can build proper toilets and stop waiting for the incompetent government.







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