This is why revenge cheating on your unfaithful partner isn’t a bad idea

Revenge cheating aka retaliatory infidelity is one of the ways to deal with an unfaithful partner and this is why it’s worth considering.

People react to cheating differently.

For some, the automatic thing to do is get out regardless of excuse or possible justification the cheater may want to come up with. These people are all about avoiding a repeat performance owing to the belief that when someone cheats once, they never stop doing so.

Proponents of this idea believe that any remorse expressed by the cheating partner at that time is only being done because he or she was caught. If they weren’t caught, they’d just continue in their philandering ways.

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Even for those who leave, they could either do so quietly or after hurting the cheat in some way as a way of getting their own pound of flesh… kinda.

Cheating has the paradoxical ability to make partners become better lovers [Credit: Tops Images]

There’s one more way to deal with cheating and that’s revenge cheating aka retaliatory infidelity.

What this means, as the name literally states, is that a partner goes on his or her own cheating spree after discovering that a partner has been messing around town. It is pretty much a way of saying ‘while I want to remain in this relationship, I want to go out and sample other people just as you have done.’

One of the easiest, most obvious things that has been said against revenge cheating is that two wrongs don’t make a right, and that the decision to go sleep with another person just to get back at a cheating partner only distresses the fabric relationship further.






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