“The Pulpit” show famed Female Preacher Turns Slayqueen, Twerks Vigorously In New Video

A Tv3 “The Pulpit” show famed contestant has stunned netizens as she twerks vigorously in a new video.

The video which has become a shocking and entertaining file to people on social media captured the young lady whining on her waist.

Questions raised by concerned persons include; what could be the contributory factor to her sudden transformation and swift change of lifestyle? Could it be that she didn’t get proper parental care or has she been influenced by peer groups?

Meanwhile, she could be twerking in that manner but still holds tight to her faith and still moving on the right path.

The Pulpit was a TV3 reality program that helped 10 to 14-year-olds enhance their preaching skills. The first publication of the noble reality show was in 2013.

The participant in the video presented her sermon excellently. She preached like a congregation-leading evangelist.

Watch the video below;






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