Talking video Vixens

Talking video Vixens

Booty shaking ladies, looking hot and sexy to add colour to a music video are common and a huge part of the music industry. Commonly known as music vixens, the ladies make sure that they attract people’s attention in the videos.

Today, exquisite music videos have become a popular form of creative art and one of the biggest building blocks of the entertainment industry globally. Since the advent of Internet and electronic gadgets like television (TV) sets and phones, people have enjoyed thrilling music videos that feature attractive vixens.

Tuno: The industry is not organising terms of pay

Every now and again people are glued to the screens of their home TVs, laptops and smartphones to be entertained by striking videos. Those with access to the Internet are engrossed in live streaming of alluring music videos on platforms like YouTube and Tik Tok.

Indeed, today no entertainment fan with access to the Internet can skip hot music videos, including dance challenges of popular songs on Tik Tok or Facebook. It has become a norm these days for people to watch and share enchanting music videos on social media.

Both locally and internationally, famous artists have produced blockbuster music videos that have won the hearts of many viewers as well as awards. Popular international music stars like Drake, Chris Martin, Shaggy, Busy Signal, Nick Minaj, Rihanna, Boyonce, Kanye West, Diddy, R. Kelly and Nelly have once released award-winning music videos before.

On the African bloc, Nigeria’s Davido, Wiz Kid, Burna Boy, AKA (South Africa), Jah Prayzah (Zimbabwe), Diamond Platinumz and Harmonizer from Tanzania are all well-known for their music videos.

Back home, musicians like Bucci, Lulu, Janta, Tuno, Purple C, Onesimus and many others have created interesting music videos which dazzle both the ear and eye.

For a long time, musicians and directors have been famous names at the helm of most creative music videos. As usual, musicians have been appearing in videos as main characters, commanding the central attention of the entire creative work.

However, vixens, have played a tremendous role in most videos, but have remained silent characters despite their massive contributions. Video vixens have for a long time decorated music videos with their beauty, unique fashion and tantalising dance moves.

According to research, video vixens are believed to have arrived around the late 80s when hip-hop was starting to take shape as its own genre in the music industry. During this time women were mostly used to create sex appeal in music videos. And 50 years down the line when hip-hop celebrated its bewitching existence, beautiful women are still being used in hip-hop, R ‘n’ B, pop vidoes to continue with the gripping charm.

Imagine, a love music video without gorgeous models playing a role of lovebirds? Or a love-filled slow jam (which talks about love) without a model strutting it out on a cozy bed or sofa in a beautiful room? Boring right?

For example, Afro pop/R ‘n’ B artists Kell Kay and Driemo released Basi and Popo, respectively. And just fancy how videos of these two beautiful songs would look like without the incredible appearance of vixens? Crazy right?

Creative directors say, depending on themes, video Vixens spice it all in music videos. And their roles cannot be underestimated because they add colour to storylines of particular videos.

Creative director Hasting Hago Golosi said he had once used female vixens in music videos to add visual appeal and enhance the storytelling aspect of the content.

“Despite my different view of using female models, especially half-naked, I had no choice, but to do it to achieve a number of things.  For example, their presence in music videos added glamour, and style, and helped me to achieve the artistic direction of the music video. Their attire, makeup, and overall appearance helped me create a specific mood that aligned with the song’s theme,” he said.

Golosi added that vixens’ involvement in music videos generated a lot of buzz, and some faces were more for marketing purposes.

But now that he has jumped into the filmmaking path, he suggested that vixens approach their role with professionalism, including punctuality, respect for the production team, and willingness to take direction.

Another creative director VJ Ice said vixens are like flowers that beautify music videos.

He said: “Those gorgeous beauty models add an exceptional touch to make videos more attractive and professional. They bring relevance to a particular creative video.”

In Malawi, there are several popular video Vixens that are featured in music videos of different artists. One of them happens to be Consillata Malaj Gomez who has been featured in a number music videos.

Among others, she was featured in Sam Simakweli’s Pamela, Kongola by VJ Ice and Mutipatsa by rapper Phyzix.

Gomez said: “I have been into the modelling industry since 2018. My first music video to be featured was Zomwe Ndimaganiza by Rashley which was directed by VJ Ken.

“And VJ Ken was the first videographer to work with and he is the one who has ensured that I am featured in a number of projects.”

She said her passion for music inspired her to venture into the trade.

“I’ve always loved music and seeing those ladies in music videos was fun so one time I told my mum I want to be one of those girls who look pretty in a music video,” Gomez said.

According to Gomez, she was greatly inspired by characters like Dalo in Black Missionaries’ music video, Linda by Marko Sadik and Love of my Life by Lucius Banda.

She said: ‘Seeing girls in those videos acting made me want to become a video vixen more.”

She, however, lamented that this career does not pay handsomely despite video vixens’ dedicated efforts.

In other countries, video vixens are even subjected to sexual abuse as they are regarded as women of loose morals.

“Artists and directors need to take video vixens seriously. Because this career in Malawi does not pay them as they are supposed to be paid.

“Currently, this career is not rewarding. It’s a kind that will only help you to buy cosmetics as a lady, airtime, but cannot help you pay rentals and other things,” bemoaned Gomez.

Afro pop singer Tuno has also been a video vixen before. But she said the career needs to be looked into in Malawi since models are not respected.

“You cannot survive by being a video vixen because what you get are peanuts. This industry in Malawi is not well established thus models are not respected despite being the force behind the success of many music videos,” she said.

Tuno described video vixens as important players in the entertainment industry.

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