Tadikira Mutharika’s manslaughter, human trafficking case fails to continue

File photo: Tadikira (In grey suit and Peter Mutharika’s bodyguard Norman Chisale)

The High Court in Mzuzu has today failed continue hearing a human trafficking and manslaughter case involving Tadikira Mafubza step son to former president Peter Mutharika.

Initially, the state was expected to present to the court an amended charge sheet following its plea with the court to amend the same so that it reflects the gravity and manner in which the crimes were committed.

However, the case failed to proceed on Tuesday August 29th 2023, as the state failed to submit in time a response to some objections that were raised during the last seating of the court on 24th July 2023 a development that has delayed the court to make its ruling on the raised objections.

This therefore pushes further dates for the commencement of trial of the case in which the state is expected to parade 14 witnesses in an effort to build its case.

The six are being suspected to have had a hand in the death of thirty unidentified Ethiopian nationals suspected to be victims of human trafficking whose bodies were discovered in a mass grave at Mtangatanga Forest in Mzimba district on October 18 2022.- MIJ ONLINE

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