St.John of God hospitaller services hosts mental awareness workshop

By: Mayamiko Phiri.

As the world is observing mental health awareness month, St John of God hospitaller services hosted a mental health awareness workshop which took place in Blantyre on Thursday,16th May 2024.

The awareness targeted human resource practitioners and personnel involved in cooperate social responsibility.

In an effort to prioritizing mental health in the workplace and fostering collaboration with various organizations to improve access to mental health services.

Speaking at sidelines of the workshop Dr Ndumanene Silungwe, a clinical psychologist at St. John of God hospitaller services express worry due to the increase in cases of mental health challenges in the country.

“Mental health issues are being neglected as many thinks that wellness means physical wellness alone, but it’s both mind, body and spirit.” stated Dr Ndumanene.

He further observed that mental stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and off late gambling addiction are fueling mental health challenges among many.

Dr Ndumanene also suggested that gambling investment companies and alcoholic beverages manufacturers should put in place plans on how they are going to help in treating customers that have become addicted due to their business as part of their social responsibility.

Finally, Dr. Ndumanene urged the cooperate world to collaborate with St. John of God hospitaller services by making donations which will assist in treating people with mental health challenges.

Similar workshop was also conducted in Lilongwe some few days ago.

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