Squirting is not an orgasm-American Intimacy Coordinator Samia Burton explains (Video)

American Sex Educator and Intimacy Coordinator, Samia Burton has disclosed that squirting is not an orgasm.

Samia B said squirting is one of the forms of ejaculation by women.

“Squirting is not an orgasm. It’s one of those things that people are so obsessed with and you don’t even know what it is. Squirting is one form of ejaculation by women.

So you have creaming, There is gushing and then there is urethral fluid stuff,I forget the exact name but like it drips out the pussy actually.

So in one of those videos on my Patreon you actually can see it looks like teardrops are falling out of her clitoris and that’s a form of ejaculation.

It’s really sweet, I did not taste that girl, just wanna be very clear about that, but it is if you ever tasted it when it drops on your tongue it’s very sweet like sugar and so then there’s and then there’s squirting.

So a lot of people like I don’t know how to squirt, I don’t know how to do this and the way that people be talking about their pussy and what it do and don’t do.

It’s like but it’s doing something. You just don’t know what it is and so you don’t acknowledge it. It’s like you are ejaculating. But which ways are you ejaculating?” Samia B said.

Watch the video below:






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