Silver, Nomads cry foul over fixtures

Silver, Nomads cry foul over fixtures

Silver Strikers and Mighty Mukuru Wanderers have expressed reservations with how  the Super League of Malawi (Sulom) is handling TNM Super League fixtures.

The two teams, who said they lodged an official complaint, have said the fixtures are not balanced.

In an interview yesterday, the Central Bankers’ chief executive officer Patrick Chimimba said they are not happy with an arrangement to play three consecutive games at home.

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He said: “We hosted Creck Sporting Club last week and this weekend we are hosting Wanderers, then next weekend we are supposed to host Karonga United. How can that be? It is not right.

“The flow of fixtures is faulty and they [Sulom] need to act on that. The problem is that even if we write them, they never respond.”

On the other hand, his Wanderers counterpart Panganeni  Ndovi said they too are not amused with the allocation of fixtures.

He said: “The way fixtures are being handled is like they [Sulom] have hidden motives.

“For instance, on our part, the fixture shows that at some point, we will play away for almost a month and that is not on. Sulom needs to do something about it.”

But Sulom vice-general secretary Donnex Chilonga said the two teams’ concerns will be looked into.

He said: “Actually, Sulom’s door is open to receive such observations and complaints regarding fixtures. If teams feel somewhere, somehow the fixture is choking them, let them  bring those issues to our attention.

“Our fixture’s committee will surely do the needful. On the other hand, it is also important to appreciate that despite all these complaints, each team is still going to play 15 games in the first round and another 15 in the second round. Otherwise, our door is open.”

The post Silver, Nomads cry foul over fixtures first appeared on Nation Online.

The post Silver, Nomads cry foul over fixtures appeared first on Nation Online.