Senegal MPs back Presidential polls delay

Senegal’s National Assembly passed a bill postponing the country’s presidential election until December 15th during a tense session where opposition lawmakers were forcibly removed from the chamber.

Lawmakers from President Macky Sall’s ruling Benno Bokk Yakaar (BBY) coalition and from an opposition coalition known as Wallu Senegal backed the election delay following a heated session characterized by chaotic scenes.

The bill was passed with 105 votes in favor and one against.

The vote came days after Sall on Saturday announced the indefinite suspension of the presidential election, citing a dispute over the candidate list and the alleged corruption of constitutional judges.

Chaotic scenes broke out after a group of opposition lawmakers tried to block a parliamentary vote when they rushed the central dais and refused to leave, effectively interrupting the plenary session for more than an hour.

As tempers flared, footage showed some lawmakers brawling after trading insults.


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