Sameer Suleman withdraws case against Chaponda

Member of Parliament for Blantyre City South East Sameer Suleman has announced his withdrawal from a case against the DPP’s appointed leader of opposition, George Chaponda.

Suleman was among the 22 DPP members of Parliament who obtained an injunction in 2022, stopping Chaponda’s appointment as opposition leader at that time.

This is an injunction that still haunts Chaponda today, as parliament has rejected to recognize him as opposition leader because that injunction was not vacated.

High Court Judge Simeon Mdeza is on 13th February expected to hear both parties after Chaponda and the DPP yesterday applied to vacate the injunction.

At the moment, parliament is recognising Nankhumwa as Leader of Opposition and yesterday he was allowed to attend the business committee meeting while Chaponda was sent out of the meeting.

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