S3x Worker Detains Client Over C0ND0M Burst Incident

What was intended to be a night of passion turned into a nightmare when a s3x worker “detained” her client for more than two hours, demanding a top-up on the money she had charged him for s3x as compensation for a c0nd0m which broke during s3x.

The incident happened on Tuesday at a lodge in Northend suburb (name supplied). It is reported that fearing the worst, the hooker only identified as Rose, who had charged her client US$15 for a night, turned drama queen after the latter refused to pay the US$25 “risk fee”.

According to sources, the argument that led Rose to hold her client hostage started after she accused him of p0king her “roughly”.

Rose reportedly thought that her client deliberately broke the condom to “fix” her and as a result she was adamant that she would not let him go until he paid her the risk fee because he had risked her health.

“The drama started after one of the regular s3x workers at the lodge detained her client following a misunderstanding over a c0nd0m which she claimed had broken during sex.

“Shouting on top of her voice, she accused her client of being negligent and in the process, she was forcing him to pay up US$25 on top of the US$15 they had initially agreed for a night. But the client courted Rose’s anger when he turned down her demands saying the money was too much leading to a scuffle.






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