Rumphi District Hospital commissions new pharmacy

Rumphi District Hospital commissions new pharmacy

Rumphi District Hospital has commissioned a new pharmacy at the facility replacing the main one that was razed down by fire in October 2023.

The fire destroyed drugs worth millions of kwacha and little was saved from the inferno which lasted for over five hours before it was contained.

The new pharmacy, built with funds from Governance to Enable Service Delivery (Gesd), has now been turned into the main pharmacy serving the district hospital and its feeder facilities.

The hospital’s spokesperson Bwanalori Mwamlima said the pharmacy now stores medical supplies for the main facility and health centres in the district.

Patients receive medicine at Rumphi
District Hospital pharmacy

He said: “The pharmacy has improved the delivery of quality healthcare services. Initially, it was meant to act as a dispensary for paying services. However, after a fire accident that gutted the main pharmacy, this building has become handy.

“Currently, it is being used as the main pharmacy, which houses the main bulk store for essential medicines and medical supplies.”

Mwamlima said the other part of the facility is used as the main dispensary for both adult and under-five children where outpatient departments get prescribed medicines.

A resident, Tiwonge Mvula, said he was pleased that people can access drugs.

Rumphi District Council health and environment committee chairperson Alfred Butao said the new pharmacy has brought relief after the hospital lost its main pharmacy.

Rumphi district director of planning and development Frank Mfune said Gesd projects have improved service delivery in education and health sectors as well as police.

Gesd is a Malawi Government performance-based grant funded by the World Bank that enables councils to implement projects to improve service delivery  

The post Rumphi District Hospital commissions new pharmacy first appeared on The Nation Online.

The post Rumphi District Hospital commissions new pharmacy appeared first on The Nation Online.