‘Register for free sewer line connections’

‘Register for free sewer line connections’

Lilongwe City Council Water and Sanitation Project coordinator Cleaverson Nyondo has urged residents of Areas 47 and 49 to register on time for free sewer line connections.

He made the call yesterday when he inspected the progress of the Lilongwe Water and Sanitation Project.

Nyondo said the residents are required to fill in consent forms for the connection of sewer line and submit them to Lilongwe City Council before the start of the exercise.

Nyondo tours the construction works

He said: “In Area 49, the exercise will start on August 3 2022 [today] while in Area 47 the works will start on August 8 2022.

“The sewer connection is only for houses close to the installed sewer line.”

Nyondo said the exercise is expected to end by September 30 2022.

However, he said installation of sewer lines and rehabilitation of Kauma Wastewater Plant are at 90 percent completion.

Said Nyondo: “The contractor is finalising the main track lines in Area 47 and 49 so that households can connect to the sewer line.

“The contractor has been paid 61 percent of the contract sum of $ 14 million.”

Area 49 New Gulliver bloc leader Gertrude Ngalande said residents have responded positively to the free sewer line connections.

She said: “They have collected the consent forms to have their houses connected to the sewer line.

“We communicated last week to the residents on the deadline for submitting applications.”

The Lilongwe Water and Sanitation Project is installing sewer lines in Area 1 (Falls Estate), Area 47 (Sector 3 and 4) and Area 49 (Old and New Gulliver).

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