Prophet Seer1 accuses Edgar Lungu’s party of being behind sodomy and gay activities in Zambia

Nigeria’s outspoken man of God Prophet Andrew Ejimadu well known as Seer1 has accused Patriotic Front (PF) Party of former President Edgar Lungu of being behind the rise in sodomy and gay activities in Zambia.

Zambia is currently experiencing a rise in sodomy and gay activities forcing rights activists in Zambia led by Brian Sampa to hold demonstrations on the matter.

The right activities are pushing for an action by Zambia President Haikainde Hichilema on the matter.

Writing on his official facebook page Prophet Seer1 has blamed PF Party of being behind the recent spate of gay activities.

“The escalation of the sodomizing of men and gay activities in Zambia is planned and being executed by the PF party together with their partners.

This is simply to make people believe that President HH and UPND are in support of these activities.

“Unfortunately the UPND government is littered with greedy, corrupt elements who are only after their pockets but lacks information and unable to defend the president,” wrote Prophet Seer1.

He added: “Like I said in my last broadcast, PF and other opposition parties have managed to capture the social media spaces, they will create an evil act, blow it out through the social media and people will believe them and that’s exactly what’s happening now.

“Just like the gassing incidents, these sodomy acts are planned and executed by the PF but unfortunately the UPND government is weak and lacks information.”

Edgar Lungu is yet to comment on the matter.






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