Prophet Habakkuk’s fortune attracts female admirers

Rumphi-based Prophet Habakkuk, known for his comedic antics and viral begging videos, has recently found himself in the spotlight for a different reason.

After receiving a generous blessing of 6 Million Kwacha from Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, ladies are flocking to him, hoping to share in his newfound wealth.

Prophet Habakkuk’s fortune was boosted when Prophet Bushiri asked his congregation to bless him with $1000 each, resulting in three individuals contributing a total of 6 Million Kwacha.

This unexpected windfall has made him an attractive target for women seeking financial gain.

Since the news broke, Prophet Habakkuk’s phone has been flooded with texts and calls from ladies eager to get close to him.

Some have even begun calling him “daddy,” hinting at their desire for a share of his wealth.

Prophet Habakkuk’s rise to fame began with his humorous online videos and pleas for financial assistance.

His recent blessing has catapulted him into the spotlight, making him an unlikely target for gold-diggers.

It remains to be seen how he will manage his newfound wealth and the attention that comes with it.

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