Private schools urged to join PRISAM SACCO to promote their financial independence

Dr Ernest Kaonga, President for PRISAM and SACCO

A call has gone out to all private schools in the country to join PRISAM Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCO) to promote their financial independence.

The SACCO was launched this year by the Private Schools Association of Malawi to among others, provide access to affordable financing for private schools and teachers.

Meanwhile Dr Ernest Kaonga, who is President for PRISAM and SACCO has issued a letter to all Private Schools in the country that the association has decided to extend membership of the SACCO to include non-members of PRISAM.

“Our goal is to promote and improve private education services provision in Malawi and to do that we need to ensure that all private schools and their teachers are thriving, not just those that belong to our association.

This is why we are inviting all private schools who are our members and those that are not our members to join PRISAM SACCO,” said Kaonga.

In the letter,Kaonga stressed that all private schools teachers have been given a green light to join regardless of their bodies.

“To all non Prisam members as the name entails, this is Private Schools SACCO which belongs to all interested private schools regardless of any association affiliation. The way forward is very simple, let us all come together and join hands in building this our own Private Schools SACCO to alleviate the numerous financial and educational related resources challenges that we face in our daily management and operation of our private schools,”he said.

He said that with this new development they expect more members to join the group.

“We have also extended the invitation to other organisations not only teachers that they can join our SACCO.

“Either you work in government or companies, NGO’S, you are welcome to join our Sacco, ” he said.

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