Potholes worry Malawi engineers

The Malawi Engineering Institution (MEI) has expressed concern over the “deplorable of most of the roads in the country.

MEI President Alfonso Chikuni said in a statement on Wednesday: “the condition was largely due to poor maintenance.

“Deep potholes are quite rampant and are not being attended to with the urgency they deserve. These potholes are not only damaging vehicles plying on these roads, but they are also death traps to road users”.

Chikuni added that much as his institution was aware of the efforts being made to rehabilitate some of the roads “MEI is greatly concerned with the slow progress of these projects”.

He said, for example, progress made so far on the M01 Rehabilitation Project from the time it was launched in July 2022 “remained insignificant”.

The body has since a advised the Roads Authority (RA) to, among others, implement an emergency Road Maintenance Program to ensure safety of all road users in the country.

MEI was established under Section 3 of the Malawi Engineering Institution Act, 2019, as a sole authority for regulation of engineering and the engineering profession, and allied disciplines in the country.

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