As the country is expecting to hold elections in 2025 September, some political analysts have encouraged politicians to unite and form electoral alliances that will help them to get 50+l requirement

Speaking in an interview, a political analyst Wonderful Mkhutche said it is very unfortunate that many politician wants to gain power for themselves and it is challenging for politicians to unite and works towards common goals with such an approach.

“Many politicians are greedy they want everything for themselves and we are fearing that no single political party will win in the first round of next year’s polls under 50+1 requirement if they are to contest independently” said Mkhutche.

He further observed that some political leaders have announced plans to go solo, potentially leading to a re-run as political parties have yet to fully grasp the implications of the 50+1 electoral system.

Another political analyst, George Phiri, advised political leaders to form electoral alliances as early as possible and carefully weigh the pros and cons before the elections to prevent political discontent. He cited the Tonse Alliance which has experienced the departure of some members due to dissatisfaction.


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