Poets remember Izeki ndi Jakobo in new release

Poets Sylvester Kalizang’oma and Frank Naligonje have released a poem titled Izeki ndi Jakobo, to pay homage to renowned comedians John Nyanga and Eric Mabedi.

The talented duo of Izeki ndi Jakobo, well-known in the world of comedy, not only left a mark on the creative industry, but also set a standard that others aspire to emulate.

In an interview with The Nation, Kalizang’oma said the poem was done to remember the two legends, celebrate their lives and the efforts they put in their art.

He said: “Nyanga and Mabedi have contributed a lot to the local arts industry. Apart from entertaining the nation, the two have motivated a lot of talented up-and-coming artists in music, comedy and poetry.

Celebrating Izeki ndi Jakobo: Kalizang’oma (L) and Naligonje

“Their pieces of advice and support helped a lot of artist, to achieve their dreams. Though death is wicked and has taken them away from us, but their legacy remains in our minds.”

The poem has been recorded at Tama Records of Alfred Tambala while the video was produced at Bizgraphix, directed by Stiah Pingasa in Blantyre.

Kalizang’oma added that they did a duet with each of them using a different language in an attempt to promote unity among the artists in the creative industry.

He said: “We wanted to teach Malawians that it is not good to go separate because of several factors such as money. Izeki ndi Jakobo worked together and did not seperate.”

“We needed to show people that we can use both English and Chichewa in one poem for unity and addition of value.”

Part of the poem done by Kazizang’oma goes:

“Anatipenyetsa mgwirizano wakuya,

Chikondi chozama ndi mgwirizano waukulu,

Imfa yawo yatisiyira usiwa.

Chibaba n’chipemba cha nthabwala.

Ankasandutsa nsunamo n’kukhala chikhakhali.

Ukangowapenya wekha wekha umagwa mphwete.”

In a separate interview, Naligonje added that Mabedi and Nyanga’s talents have contributed a lot to the industry.

“To Izeki and Jakobo, art was not about money, but passion. Their team, working spirit was good. They lived a happy life not because of money, but their love for art and comedy, teaching us to be humble and focused,” he said.

Part of Naligonje’s narration goes:

“From you, we learnt that art comes from the mind, soul and heart.

Art controls the body, art speaks the truth.

Art heals. Art can mend broken hearts. Art can erase pain.

 Art is unity, art is creativity,

 Art is passion not money.”

Kalizang’oma’s poems that have enjoyed airplay on radio and TV stations include Unkalindanji Moyo, Kandibweletsere Mkazi, Dzibwerako Mwanawe, Dzibwerako mwanawe, among others.

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