Phalombe Health Centre to reopen this month

Phalombe Health Centre to reopen this month

Phalombe District Health Office says Phalombe Health Centre will reopen this month after it was closed in March 2023 when it was damaged by Cyclone Freddy-induced floods.

In an interview on Tuesday, Phalombe district director of health and social services Sam Sibakwe said renovations are almost done and everything is expected to be completed by next week.

“Currently, we are at 95 percent with renovations and we are sure that operations at the facility will restart at the end of this month,” he said.

During a visit to the facility, it was established that the fence, which was destroyed completely, has been replaced and staff houses have been renovated, alongside other buildings.

Nkhulambe Health Centre is set
to open this month

One of the residents near the facility, Edna Moyo, said she was excited that they will now not travel long distances to access healthcare services.

“We travel about nine kilometres [km] to Mpasa Health Centre or 14km to MigowiHealth Centre, but now that burden has been lifted,” he said.

Moyo said having a health facility close to people was crucial, especially for pregnant women and under-five children.

“Pregnant women have to attend antenatal services while under-five children need immunisation services. These services are only possible if people live close a health facility,” she said.

Traditional Authority Mkhumba said her subjects, especially pregnant women, suffered during the 11 months the facility was closed.

“Some expectant women were giving birth on their way to health facilities,” she said.

In Phalombe, Cyclone Freddy-induced floods damaged Phalombe and Nkhulambe health centres.

However, Nkhulambe Health Centre was completely damaged and a makeshift facility was constructed to offer basic services to patients.

Besides Nkhulambe, communities have to travel about eight km to Sukasanjeor about 10km  to Gogo Nazombe health centres.

The post Phalombe Health Centre to reopen this month first appeared on The Nation Online.

The post Phalombe Health Centre to reopen this month appeared first on The Nation Online.