People urged to invest in children’s education

People urged to invest in children’s education

Senior Chief Chowe of Mangochi says education is an important investment in children as it opens doors to grow into responsible and productive adults.

He said this on Saturday in the district when Youth for Development and Productivity (Yodep) in partnership with African Parks handed over Namavi Primary School to the Ministry of Education.

Chowe said education helps children to develop their talents and also gives them the opportunity to make a better life for themselves.

“The Malawi 2063 [the country’s long-term development strategy] can only be achieved if the country invests in education,” he said.

Pupils run about the new school

Yodep executive director MacBlessings Buda said they constructed the school in the area because it has high dropout rate due to long distances children cover to school.

“It is important to invest in primary school education as it is the foundations for learning and later socio-economic development successes,” he said.

Mangochi District director of education Rabson Kawalala said the district has 324 650 learners against about 2 228 classrooms with a ratio of over 150 learners to one classroom.

“This new school will ease pressure as children from other schools will be transferred to this one,” he said.

Mariam Haji, a Standard Seven pupil, said she was covering six kilometres to Namaswa Primary School.

Haji, who aspires to become a nurse, said she used to miss classes, especially during the rainy season due to flooded rivers.

The organisations have also supported the school with teaching and learning materials such as desks, books and flip charts besides constructing solar-powered teachers’ houses all valued at K290 million with support from the Malawi Community Hubs.

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