Pastor Khumbo Joram’s Holy Nation Church Opens Branch in Malawi

The Holy Nation Church, founded by Pastor Khumbo Joram, has now moved to Malawi for its expansion.

This is in defiance to a number of prophecies that the church would not survive.

However, the Church that was founded six months ago in South Africa, by today it has registered a huge following and membership growth.

Speaking to our reporter, The Holy Nation Church Founder and President Pastor Joram has expressed joy and said the plans are underway to get the church fully established in Malawi in all the districts.

“I’m coming from Malawi, born and raised in Malawi, I started my ministry in Malawi, it would be very unfair for me not to open the church in Malawi, we can’t wait any longer, the time is now and the good thing is that, God has raised a lot of Kingdom partners in South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, USA and other countries who are ready to support the Gospel,” Said Pastor Joram.

“You cannot believe what God is doing, we have managed to get the best place opposite Bingu Stadium at Graille Complex, we have seen God surprising us, indeed this is the work of God, planned by him alone, we just give praise to him alone” said Pastor Joram.

The church that has also a charity branch is expected to support widows and aged people with solar powered electricity in different villages in Malawi, with an aim of giving them the best to live the life without paraffin and lamps.

The church has also plans to introduce Holy Nation School of Ministry that will be conducted in partnership with a University in UK.

The Holy Nation church branch will be in Lilongwe and is expected to start first service on 5th February 2023.

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