Pastor Khumbo Joram, Apostle Ziba Discuss Church Growth: Meeting Timely

Pastor Khumbo Jorum and Apostle Joseph Ziba

The South African based Malawian Pastor, Khumbo Jorum, who is the Founder and President of The Holy Nation Church, on Friday, July 29 held a meeting with Apostle Joseph Ziba, in Blantyre.

The meeting was apparently meant for the developing Pastor to tap wisdom from Ziba, who has been running Fountain of Victory Church for many years.

The meeting precedes the official launch of Pastor Joram’s church in South Africa, whose guest of honour will be Apostle Ziba.

Speaking to our reporter, Pastor Joram described Apostle Ziba as a great man of God, called for the kingdom assignment for this generation. 

“I have never met him before, I heard about him in our early years when we were in school, I thought he is a kind of other men of God who uses too much protocol to meet their fellow men of God. We met and we had a good time. I don’t regret travelling to Malawi for this meeting.

 “I value men of God, I honour men of God. I came to value his anointing and honor his calling. Apostle Ziba is a highly anointed humble Apostle. It is very unfortunate that a lot of budding men of God have no time to honour established men of God who have done alot in the kingdom,” he said.

Pastor Joram further seized the opportunity to advise his fellow rising clerics to align themselves with the established ones if they are to grow their respective churches.

He also called all Malawians living in South Africa to attend the launch of Holy Nation Church and have great time interacting with Apostle Ziba.

The Holy Nation Church is fast growing and has started opening branches in different provinces in RSA.

Taking his turn, Apostle Ziba expressed joy over the humble man of God, who travelled all the way from South Africa just to meet him in Malawi.

Commenting on the meeting of the two apostles, one of the men of God in Malawi who commented on facebook, described the meeting as timely and only for matured men of God. 

“It requires wisdom for a man of God to travel and meet another man of God, just to tap wisdom and appreciate the work of another man of God, a lot of Men of God we have too much pride, we value our calling only, forgetting the profound wisdom in communion with other leaders in the kingdom.

“What Pastor Joram has done is excellent and a sign of growth and maturity, this is a lesson to other men of God in Malawi. 

Recently, President Dr Lazaras Chakwera congregated at Fountain of Victory Church, a development which was described as sign of discernment by the President, realising the huge role the church plays in National Development. 

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