Pastor attempts to take own life in Church in Zambia

A 56 year old pastor of Luanshya district on the Copperbelt has attempted to commit su!c!de at the pulpit

Copperbelt police commanding officer, Peacewell Mweemba tells Mafken FM radio in a statement that, the incident occurred on Sunday 5th November 2023 at about 09:00hrs at Pentecost Assemblies of God Church in which George Lungu aged 39 reported that his church Pastor Anthony Mambeu attempted to commit su!c!de.

Brief facts of the matter are that on Saturday 4th November 2023 around 22:00hrs Mr Mambeu informed his wife that he wanted to resign from being the pastor and after that he made several phone calls to his fellow Pastors and his church members over his resignation and later left home giving instructions that the gate be locked and that he never returned home that night.

Mr Mweemba explains that, on Sunday the wife tried to call him but his phone went unanswered not until around 08:00 when he called her back, informing her that he was at church.

The wife then called Mr Lungu to take the keys to the Pastor at the church but upon his arrival he found the church already opened and when he entered he found the Pastor lying unconscious at the pulpit with foam coming from his mouth.

The Police Commissioner says the matter was reported to Leonard Mpundu Police Station and Police rushed to the scene and found the Pastor lying unconscious with foam coming from his mouth and also found a polythene rope, bottle of mineral water and a bottle of an unnamed substance.

Mr Mweemba adds that a su!c!de note was also found at the scene, were the pastor thanked a few people and apologized to the church for making such a decision, stating that, his life has been a sacrifice in that, his wife had been mistreating him for 25 years.

The Copperbelt Police Chief further reveals that, Officers rushed him to Thompson District Hospital for medical attention where he is currently admitted in an unstable condition.


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