Onesimus, Namadingo’s fans meet coming

Onesimus, Namadingo’s fans meet coming

Saturday night the stage was set for another epic showdown at Epic Exclusive in Lilongwe as fans and music lovers gathered for another episode of Clash of Titans, featuring Namadingo and Onesimus.

As usual, fans were dressed according to their favourite artists. Onesimus, also known as African Butter, fans were dressed in denim jeans and black T-Shirts, while Nama fans donned denim jeans and white T-shirts.

Onesimus gave fans a sneak peak of his new song

Kicking off the show, Namadingo took to the stage his band in tow. From the first strum of his guitar to the refreshing notes of his vocals, he played his tunes with his signature blend of instruments.

At this point, it was hard to tell who Namafans or African Butter fans were as the crowd jived to the song as Namadingo played hits like Nge, Sakaka, Maury, Ng’wing’wi, Mbiri and other songs as fans were taken through a rollercoaster of cheers and applauses while they sang along.

During Namadingo’s set, musician Lawi joined him on stage performing his Amaona Kuchedwa which without effort put fans into a dancing mode.

Following the Maury hit-maker’s set, the energy in the room reached new heights as Onesimus stepped into the spotlight, inviting fans into the Butter world.

African Butter rocked the crowd with his Afro pop hits such as Woman, Wydomeso, Easy baby, including his old hit Ndamusowa.

Despite the late start time of midnight, fans showed no signs of fatigue as they danced and sang along to every beat.

At the end of his set, amidst cheers and applause, Onesimus gave the audience a glimpse into his upcoming release Controller which is expected to be dropped today even though it has already proved to be a chart-topping hit.

As the clock struck 2.40am, bringing an end to the night, fans reluctantly bid farewell to an evening they did not want to see come to an end.

“This was an incredible show, the performances were top-notch, but it ended way too soon,” expressed one of the fans as they exited the venue.

While another one said: “I wish it could have gone on for longer, some of us were only getting started.”

In a post-event interview, Epic Exclusive Lounge chief executive officer Yollamu Kawanga appreciated both artists as well fans that turned up in large numbers.

“This is just the beginning of great things to come. Fans should watch this space as we are planning more of these performances,” he said.

The post Onesimus, Namadingo’s fans meet coming first appeared on The Nation Online.

The post Onesimus, Namadingo’s fans meet coming appeared first on The Nation Online.