Nick Cannon Brings Wild ‘n Out Show To Africa

The co-founder of  Wild ‘n Out show Nicholas Scott Cannon popularly known as Nick Cannon has announced his plan of bringing the show in Africa .

Nick, revealed this plan on his official Instagram account to bring his wildly popular comedy platform to the African continent especially in Kenya, promising to spotlight and support local comedic talents.

“Africa, are you ready?! We bringing Wildnout to the Motherland!! I’m looking for the funniest and most talented people on the Continent! Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Botswana, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco, Ethiopia, Somalia, Capetown and Johannesburg! What Country has the best comedians? We are about to find out! Tag them, comment and Repost! We casting now!!!” reads the post.

“Wild ‘N Out,” known for its blend of improvisational comedy, rap battles, and celebrity guest appearances, has garnered a massive following worldwide since its inception.

Now, Cannon aims to tap into Africa’s rich pool of comedic talent, providing a platform for aspiring comedians to showcase their skills on an international stage.

Speaking about his decision to bring “Wild ‘N Out” to Africa, Cannon expressed his excitement at the prospect of discovering fresh comedic voices and engaging with diverse cultures. He encouraged comedians from Kenya and neighboring countries to sign up for auditions.

In addition to providing a platform for local comedians, “Wild ‘N Out Africa” aims to foster cultural exchange and celebrate the diversity of humour across the continent.

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