NDP celebrates Karonga by-elections’ performance

By: Our reporter

The newly registered political party, National Development Party (NDP) has described the party’s performance in the just ended ward local government by-elections as the best ever despite failing to get a seat.

Ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP) candidates were the ones declared the winners by Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) on Wednesday.

And according to MEC media report, NDP candidate in Kaporo ward, Charles Mwakabagha was on position three with 802 votes, beating UTM and AFORD candidates.

While in Chilanga ward, the party’s candidate, Abraham Mwanyasi was also on position three with 883 beating DPP and AFORD but on position five in Rukuru ward with its candidate Vincent Mwamukonda with 419 votes.

Ironically, NDP through its interim President, Frank Mwenifumbo said his party is happy with the results.

According to him, the party’s performance means that the region as well as the whole country at large has welcomed NDP heatedly.

“We were registered on the 1st of March this year and got our certificate on 5th March . We filed our nominations on the 6th March . We embarked on a vigorous campaign for two weeks and produced these results. Have this ever happened in this country before?” He asked.

Mwenifumbo further said that his party has no structures on the ground as well as big financial muscle, therefore being on position three and five was a best start.

“We were like fighting with political Goliaths. And managed to defeat all of them apart from MCP, we have made a history,” he boosted.

Mzuzu based political analyst, Jackson Msiska who is also the executive director of Youths Action Campaign (YAC) while conquering with Mwenifumbo said the take message form the Karonga by-elections is that voters have lost trust in old political parties.

According to him, the beaten political parties are like family organizations that was created tools of sourcing cash.

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