NCIC dares firms on infrastructure quality

NCIC dares firms on infrastructure quality

National Construction Industry Council (NCIC) has decried the continuing existence of poor quality infrastructure in the country and dared the industry’s players to adhere to standards.

The council has since introduced several instruments to facilitate the improvement of the construction industry and ensure adherence to standards.

NCIC chief executive officer Gerald Khonje made the remarks in Blantyre yesterday during a workshop the council organised for professionals in the construction industry to discuss a number of challenges there.

He said: “When you look at the quality of infrastructure, there are quite a number of challenges.

Khonje: There are a number of challenges

“We have some infrastructure which is of good quality, but we also have some infrastructure which is of very bad quality.”

Khonje said the Malawi Infrastructure Delivery Management Standards (MIDMS) launched this year, among others, provides guidelines on how projects should be planned, designed, executed, maintained and disposed of.

He said the quality of infrastructure could be compromised at any stage of construction due to several factors. 

Khonje also cited poor planning, flaws in procurement processes, a failing budget and ‘unethical’ conduct of some individuals as some of the factors affecting the construction industry in Malawi.

Architects and Quantity Surveyors Institute board member Ethel Chitsanthi acknowledged that the quality of infrastructure in Malawi is not impressive and there is need for improvement.

She said: “I think that maybe [it is because of] some of the people who perform the duties, for example, are not done by the professionals.

NCIC launched MIDMS on August 23 this year to respond to poor project planning and management which often results in poor quality infrastructure in the country.

The tool is a guide to all construction industry players to implement quality infrastructure as it will close the knowledge gaps that have hitherto hindered quality.

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