Nacala logistics has increased passenger train fares due to the risen of price of goods and the rising of fuel as well and the reduction of Malawian currency.

The company informed its customer and the general public of increase in price through a memo which was released yesterday.

according to the memo the passenger train services will be effective from October 4, 2022.

“The increase has been necessitated by the increase in train operation costs due to the rise in inflation, prices of fuel and the recent devaluation of Malawi kwacha in Malawi,” the company said.

For those travelling from Limbe to Blantyre the fare has been increase from k200 to k350 for premier class and for business class it has increased from k300 to k450. For those travelling from Limbe to Balaka the price has risen from k1, 700 to k2, 200 for premier class and as of business class they will be paying k3,050 from k2,100.

The most expensive route is from Limbe to Nayuchi where by passengers used to pay k2, 500 for premier class and k3, 100 for business class, after the hike customers will be paying k3, 650 for premier class and k5, 100 for business class.






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