Mzimba, Chitipa councils bang heads on nutrition

Mzimba, Chitipa councils bang heads on nutrition

Chitipa and Mzimba North district nutrition coordinating committees have vowed to support each other in implementing nutrition interventions in their respective districts. 

Speaking on Monday during Mzimba North’s learning visit, Chitipa district principal nutrition, HIV and Aids officer Martins Mkandawire said the district did well in the performance-based incentives (PBIs) because of teamwork.

“We don’t allow partners to work in isolation, but work as a team to achieve the goals,” he said.

Mkandawire said partners bring workplans to the council, which help to track interventions.

Participants discuss how to implement nutrition interventions

Food and Agriculture Organisation district manager  for Chitipa, Edwin Siyame, said the success follows the involvement of community structures such as area and village development committees in the project’s implementation.

“This enhances the ability to blend knowledge and skills from various people, which ensures success,” he said.

Siyame said Chitipa District Nutrition Coordinating Committee conducts review meetings.

He said: “During the review meetings, cooking demonstrations are done and the pleasant food is sold to generate income.

“Adolescent groups are also involved through their schools. Further, teachers help learners to have orchards and this promotes the sustainability of the Afikepo project.”

Mzimba North principal nutrition, HIV and Aids officer Dorica Bambe said they appreciated what they have learned.

“We are really motivated. We will implement all the excellent things that we have gained from Chitipa,” she said.

Afikepo project, which is funded by the European Union, introduced PBI while Catholic Relief Services is implementing it.

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