Mzati brings Afro jazz to Jacaranda

Mzati brings Afro jazz to Jacaranda

Musician Mzati on Thursday proved that he is no ordinary artist when he went on the Sounds of Malawi stage at Jacaranda Cultural Centre in Blantyre with his soothing music.

From the moment he played his first song, it was clear that the artist was in charge and knew exactly how to excite patrons that had gathered for the weekly acoustic performances at the venue.

Mzati in the thick of things

Mzati, real name Alinafe Chiwanda, performed songs such as Kwayera, Njonjolinjo,
Pita, Chidyerano, Hlengiwe, Vimbuza, Mponda matiki, Panchenga
and Dale.

Patrons could not help, but admire the youthful artist’s pristine sound and composure on stage. His Afro-jazz music gripped patrons who sat listening and enjoying the music.

Others could not help it, but join on the dance floor as the artist performed his last songs in typical Jacaranda Cultural Centre style.

In random interviews, patrons expressed admiration for the artist and his choice of genre.

“At his age, most of his peers are into modern genres, but he chose Afro-jazz which needs seriousness and discipline. He is handling it so well so far,” said Adamson Mbiri, a patron.

Another patron Mbanachi Kayira said Mzati’s sound and music is impressive.

“I think he deserves more recognition than what he gets. He is a great artist and I enjoyed myself tonight,” she said.

Mzati said he started his music in 2008 as a hip hop artist under the moniker L Cee, but changed to Afro jazz in 2015. He released his first Afro-jazz album This is Malawi in 2017.

The post Mzati brings Afro jazz to Jacaranda first appeared on The Nation Online.

The post Mzati brings Afro jazz to Jacaranda appeared first on The Nation Online.