My beautiful experience as an intern

My beautiful experience as an intern

For the past 10 months, I have been interning at Nation Publications Limited (NPL). I started off as a really shy and quiet intern, with no experience whatsoever in the corporate world. Fast forward 10 months later, you wouldn’t even believe that I barely used to talk. I’ve had such an uplifting and enriching experience and to say that I have learnt a lot is an understatement. I started off as a reporter and somehow found myself as an editor for Every Woman. I’ve had the amazing privilege to work with amazing colleagues that made coming to work easy. There were even days when I would wake up excited to go into the news room and interact with people. I’ve gained a lot of confidence as a writer, which is something that I deeply cherish. There are two things that I am deeply grateful for; the confidence I have gained as a writer, and the friends I have made. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I started my blog, ‘Inside Nellie’s Head’ back when I was still in high school, so writing has always been significant to me. But with my time at NPL, I have been mentored and taught, which has significantly increased my confidence in my writing. My amazing boss Carol, continuously gave me opportunities to grow and improve which really helped me climb up the ladder. As an intern, it’s really important to be receptive to counsel and criticism because it is the only way that you improve. Seeking out mentorship is also really important, especially in our specific niches, to gain necessary knowledge and wisdom in our career fields. Seeking out mentorship is honestly one key way to success; you have amazing people who have for years done what you seek to do, who will teach you, correct you, and guide you, all for a fee of a curious mind. How amazing is that! I really encourage young people to seek out mentorship, because it will only benefit you in the the long run. I am also extremely grateful for the friends I have made in the newsroom; I am naturally a very introverted person, and forming new friendships and connections is sometimes difficult for me, but my colleagues made it extremely easy because everyone has been so friendly. We all know that the office can be an intimidating and sometimes even hostile environment, especially for newbies. But I was highly blessed to work in a very friendly and easy going environment which over time, helped me come out of my shell. Well, my time at NPL has sadly come to an end, as school awaits me, and to be honest I’m going to miss so much of this amazing opportunity that I had. From being in the newsroom to writing for you all, this experience will be something that I will always carry with me. Let me leave you with one of my favorite quotes: “In everything that you do, prove yourself to yourself, and not to others.” n

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