Mwandama launches tattoo studio

Mwandama launches tattoo studio

Tattoo artist Gift Mwandama on Saturday launched his professional tattoo studio called Black Flame Ink in Lilongwe at Kweza Hub.

During the launch, the artist, who recently relocated to Lilongwe from Zomba, said he made the decision to open the studio in capital city because most people who want tattoos are based there.

“Lilongwe is where most people that want to get tattoos are based and the hub makes it the right place for a tattoo studio, considering that tattoos are art,” he said.

Mwandama (L) works on a client

With a background in healthcare, Mwandama said as a tattoo artist, he prioritises safety as he works with clients; hence, the decision to open a professional studio to ensure customer satisfaction.

“Tattoos do not define who a person is, they are like any art, a form of self-expression allowing people to express themselves and is it soothing to see that by and by some people have come to understand that,” he said.

Kweza Hub manager Alfred Ochieng applauded Black Flame Ink’s addition to the hub, saying tattoos fall in the category of art and creativity, allowing people to express their inner emotions and dedications.

“This is art that is why we have brought it here at Kweza and him being a professional nurse, we are positive that it will not be harmful to anyone, but will be where people express themselves if they want to,” he said.

A tattoo enthusiast, Samantha Naphuntha, who got her fourth tattoo during the launch, said tattoos have enabled her to express herself as a creative individual even though those around her do not feel the same.

The post Mwandama launches tattoo studio first appeared on Nation Online.

The post Mwandama launches tattoo studio appeared first on Nation Online.