Musicians go all out marketing shows

Musicians go all out marketing shows

Malawian musicians appear to have engaged an extra gear in marketing their events, if recent trends are anything to go by.

Recently, hip-hop artists Gwamba and Achina Gattah Ase engaged in street and township parades selling tickets for their respective concerts.

In an interview, Achina Gattah said the strategy has multiple benefits as it boosts ticket sales and acts as an endorsement to earn people’s trust that the event is really happening.

Lawi is selling his tickets through these models

He said: “We have people who put faces of artists on posters about events that they are not participating in. When you are out there physically promoting an event people are assured that the artist in question will attend.

“This way of selling tickets also helps to beat those who create fake tickets. The end result is increased numbers during our shows.” 

Afro-jazz artist Lawi has joined the bandwagon by deploying a new unique way of marketing his event.

The artist has engaged three ladies, who will dress like air hostesses and interact with people by conducting mini raffle draws and selling tickets for his forthcoming album launch on October 8 in Lilongwe.

He said marketing is a great part of every brand’s success and stressed on the need to have extra activities to improve awareness ahead of events despite the power that their artistic brands command.

“This activity aims to reach out and engage our clientele directly by giving them the chance to come closer to the experience even before the event. The gimmick is certainly paying off in terms of boosting ticket sales,” Lawi said.

Art enthusiast Denis Imaam, in a separate interview, said it is great to see artists thinking outside the box when it comes to promoting their events.

“What they are doing shows that they now see the need to go beyond the radio adverts and posters to creating a real connection with their fans. This is a positive development as it allows fans feel part of the artist’s brand and that is what brings money,” he said. 

Lawi will unveil his third studio album Thirties at the Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC).

This will be his second launch after unveiling the new album in Blantyre two months ago.

Lawi will be joined at BICC by seasoned South African artist PJ Powers. The Jabulani creator took a break from a tour in United Kingdom to come and grace the local concert.

“She is an icon and a world renowned musician. Last time she performed in Malawi was in the ‘90s, and now she is returning to give Malawi her music magic again. A lot of our parents are excited to come and experience the old memories again. She [PJ Powers] is equally excited to come here again,” he said.

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