Mubas students parents’, guardians wary of security

Mubas students parents’, guardians wary of security

Parents and guardians of students studying at Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (Mubas) in Blantyre have expressed concern over attacks on their children both on and off campus.

In an interview on the sidelines of an interactive session between parents and guardians at Comesa Hall in Blantyre yesterday, a representative of the parents, Paul Chikwekwe said there is need for concerted efforts to ensure safety of the learners.

The concerns come against the  background of a spate of attacks on students both on and off campus, especially when darkness creeps.

Chikwekwe said: “There should be tight measures on the part of security. For example, we should involve a lot of stakeholders to ensure that street kids are out.

“If we can work hand in hand with several stakeholders, including the institution itself, then we would be guaranteed of safety of our students.”

Chitera: Safety issues are being looked into

In most of the attacks, especially along Masauko Chipembere Highway near Chichiri Shopping Centre and Kamuzu Stadium, street children have on various occasions pounced on the helpless students, robbing them of smartphones, laptop computers and money.

However, Chikwekwe expressed optimism that the security of the students would be enhanced in the new year following assurances they have received from Mubas management.

Mubas vice-chancellor Associate Professor Nancy Chitera said in a separate interview the university is moving to ensure safety of the learners through numerous interventions.

She said: “We have been in talks with police and we met the Inspector General of Police last year and there are things that we agreed upon.

“We were told to have a Mubas security inside campus and there have also been increased police patrols in the place where our students have been getting attacked.”

On students’ accommodation outside campus, she said the university always checks if particular hostels are conducive environments to recommend them or not.

During the interactive session, parents and guardians were taken on a tour of Mubas campus and thereafter a briefing session was held at Comesa Hall.  

The post Mubas students parents’, guardians wary of security first appeared on The Nation Online.

The post Mubas students parents’, guardians wary of security appeared first on The Nation Online.






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