MSG moves to address skills gaps in public service

MSG moves to address skills gaps in public service

Malawi School of Government (MSG) has launched a training programme designed to help senior managers in the public sector cope with emerging challenges and improve efficiency in their institutions.

The training dubbed the Malawi Public Service Leadership Milestone Programme focuses on three key thematic areas, namely understanding the Malawi public service context, knowledge and skills for effective public sector leadership and personal development and ethical leadership in the public service.

Chiweza: They will develop greater awareness

In an interview on the sidelines of the launch, MSG director general Asiyati Chiweza said the programme will help public servants to develop greater self awareness and gain essential personal development skills that will make them more productive in their public service leadership role.

She said: “That is why the third segment focuses on personal development and ethical decision-making: understanding self and emotional intelligence issues, public speaking and presentations, retirement planning, wealth creation and ethical decision-making.”

MSG co-developed the three-week training programme in collaboration with the Singapore-based international firm Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG) through its training arm, the Chandler Academy of Governance (CAG) and Cambridge Governance Labs following a needs assessment analysis conducted earlier this year.

CIG chief executive officer Wu Wei Neng, who also serves as dean of the CAG, said his organisation conducted the training to transfer knowledge to the leaders of the Malawian civil service.

He said: “Our goal was to develop skills and professionalism within the Malawi public service

MSG was formed following a merger of Malawi Institute of Management and Mpemba Staff Development Institute.”

The post MSG moves to address skills gaps in public service first appeared on Nation Online.

The post MSG moves to address skills gaps in public service appeared first on Nation Online.