Movie tackles human trafficking

Movie tackles human trafficking

Film enthusiasts should get ready to embark on another cinematic voyage promising full entertainment and enlightenment as the premiere of the movie Justice looms on the local entertainment scene.

The movie, titled Justice whose tease trailer premiered on Monday, will officially launch in June this year and has been produced by Malawian film producer Brazio Kanyong’o.

Justice highlights the nature of human trafficking being a syndicate where several big names are involved and how abuse of power or office and corruption plays a role in hindering access to justice for most victims.

The narrative revolves around a young girl who was trafficked and finds herself into exploitation and slavery by a taxi driver working under a syndicate of the Inspector General of Police and other prominent business people. A journalist joins the fray as an undercover, but faces resistance.

As police seem to make progress, secrets are revealed, old closets are shaken and some lives are on the edge of the cliff. Will justice prevail?

Kanyong’o: Movies communicate messages

Justice features renowned actors and personalities such as Joyce Chavula-Mhango, Dorothy Kingston, Diana Liabuba, ‘Sir’ Ian Evance Chisekula, Gibson Ngalamila, Mc Pherson Chatama and Brazio Kanyong’o.

Reacting to the movie, film enthusiast Greenwell Phiri applauded the movie makers for exploring a theme of human trafficking.

“Such themes are usually ignored because they are done underground. These projects, though fictitious have an element of truth. They will teach our society about these developments,” he said.

According to Magic Promotions director Brazio Kanyong’o who is also producer of Justice, they are looking forward to playing their role in raising awareness on human trafficking.

“We want people to expect a lot from this movie because it is not only a movie, but also an awareness campaign against the vice of human trafficking and we have used art to address this issue which is a global challenge,” he said.

Kanyong’o underscored the role of movies in addressing issues while adding that they are a perfect medium to communicate with the public as they reach large audiences.

“Movies in their entertaining nature communicate messages and educate people across multiple locations within communities,” he said.

On her part, actress Joyce Chavula-Mhango shared her insights on the movie and what people should expect.

“The movie talks about human trafficking which is a societal issue so in this case the movie is a powerful demonstration of the vice and how systems hinder the deliverance of justice, I am sure that audiences will find themselves both entertained and educated,” she said.

After the premiere, the movie will be available for streaming through Magic Promotions YouTube channel. The movie was initially budgeted at K8.5 million kwacha, but during production the budget stretched to K11 million kwacha.

The post Movie tackles human trafficking first appeared on Nation Online.

The post Movie tackles human trafficking appeared first on Nation Online.