Mining committee tipped to strike good deals

Mining committee tipped to strike good deals

Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) of Karonga Diocese desk officer Obert Mkandawire has challenged Wasambo Mining Committee in the district to be ‘determined and energetic’ in dealing with miners to have a win-win situation.

Speaking on Wednesday after an orientation for the committee members at Hangalawe, he said it was imperative for the committee to go for a refresher course to remind them about their roles as a bridge between the community and investors.

Nyirenda: We now know how
to engage miners

Said Mkandawire: “The central role of the mining committee is to mediate between the community and miners on a number of issues so that both parties should benefit from the natural resources.

“The refresher course will help them hone skills to utilise the Free, Prior, Informed and Consent [FPIC] concept for investors to have proper community entry point.”

He further advised the committee to familiarise itself with the Workers Compensations Act, Employment and Labour Relations Act as well as Contracts, Mines and Minerals Act to avoid unnecessary sit-ins and any other squabbles that may disrupt mining activities.

Wasambo Mining Committee member Esther Nyirenda commended CCJP for the training.

“The refresher course has equipped us with knowledge on how to engage miners,” she said.

Karonga district labour officer Peck Chawinga, whose presentation focused on Labour Relations and Contracts, Mines and Minerals Acts, said the mining committee should be familiar with labour-related laws.

He said: “Technically, mining committees are crucial because they get complaints from workers from mining companies.

“Therefore, they should have basic knowledge.”

With funding from the Norwegian Church Aid and DaniChurchAid, CCJP is implementing Fighting Inequalities project in traditional authorities Mwakaboko and Wasambo in the district

The post Mining committee tipped to strike good deals first appeared on Nation Online.

The post Mining committee tipped to strike good deals appeared first on Nation Online.