Midfield Maestro Davie Moya laid to rest

By Arkangel Tembo, Mana

Former Flames and Silver Strikers midfielder, Dave Moya was given a Provincial send off in the populous Kawale Township on Friday.

Hearing the roaring sounds of Silver Strikers supporters, one would think that a soccer derby between the bankers and Civo Sporting United was taking place.

However, this was not the case as thousands of soccer fans gathered at his house to pay tribute and their last respects to one of the best free kick takers, who was wearing jersey number 7.

Moya, who also played for Blue Eagles and Civo Sporting died on Thursday at Kamuzu Central Hospital due to kidney failure according to the bereaved family.

Among the high profile guests present at the service were Attorney General,Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda, Members of Parliament, Mike Bango, Ulemu Msungama, and the entire soccer fraternity.

Speakers spoke of the talented soccer star’s contribution towards the beautiful game of soccer and how he added new impetus in the Flames ranks.

He was not only talented and loyal but also played an important role in unifying and picking up the morale in the Flames camps.

At least each and every speaker told the gathering that Moya will be remembered for a long time to come and will definitely go down in the annals of sporting journals.

Local fans wept at Lilongwe Girls Cemetery when the brown coffin was lowered into the grave at exactly 2:35pm.

Roman Catholic Choir members, chanted, ” Ndigoneranji m’manda ndekha. Makolo tsalani ngakhale mundikonda, Ambuye tsogolereni ndili ndekha.”

As the choir members were changing tunes, the coffin was descending slowly to its final resting place.

Moya’s daughter wept, and appeared to be speaking to his lovely Dad, ” Munandiuza mwana wanga wokondedwa ndigwire miyendo ndufuna ndigone omwewo Dad simunadzukeso mwandisiya ndekha. Andiuzeso lovely daughter wanga ndimakukonda ndi ndani Dad.”

Background, Choir members were singing ,”Kumanda kwaitana,” as adzukulu started burying the remains of Moya.

Devastated faces, tears, sorrow engulfed the cemetery when the master of ceremonies started calling names of people to lay their wreathes.

Parents, children, friends and a Priest laid their wreathes before everyone left the cemetery in disbelief that jersey number 7 of Moya was now 6 ft under the ground.

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