MEC warns against intimidation in by-elections

MEC warns against intimidation in by-elections

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Chifundo Kachale has warned against violence, intimidation and interfering with the registration or polling staff ahead of the July 23 Local Government by-elections.

MEC is expected to hold by-elections in Mwasa Ward in Mangochi North East Constituency and Chilaweni Ward in Blantyre Rural East Constituency.

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In his address on Friday, Kachale said MEC will not tolerate attempts to acquire voter registration through fraudulent and illegal means.

He said: “The commission is emphasising that every election is serious business and is appealing to all those that are eligible to register and to vote, to participate fully accordingly.

“Everyone in the by-election areas should take special interest in participating in the activities as required. Your vote is not merely a symbolic act, but a tangible expression of your aspirations and dreams for a better tomorrow.”

Kachale, a High Court of Malawi Judge, said MEC is committed to executing all the by-election processes in accordance with the laws governing the conduct of elections to ensure that every stakeholder is satisfied with the proceedings.

He said political parties and candidates must ensure they focus on issue based campaign and that they should refrain from using inflammatory language, which stirs violence and infringes on people’s rights to campaign freely.

In addition, Kachale said candidates and their followers should consider the fact that the new law has banned the use of public resources for campaigning and has made it a criminal offence.

The post MEC warns against intimidation in by-elections first appeared on Nation Online.

The post MEC warns against intimidation in by-elections appeared first on Nation Online.