MCP meets Monday over chairpersons’ concerns

MCP meets Monday over chairpersons’ concerns

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) management is expected to meet on Monday to, among other issues, discuss concerns raised by some regional chairpersons frustrated with the party’s decision to stop them from filling vacant positions ahead of the August elective convention.

While confirming the development, the party’s second deputy secretary general Gerald Kazembe dispelled assertions that trouble was brewing in the grouping, saying it was normal for parties when heading for an elective convention.

Kazembe: There is no trouble brewing in MCP

He said after meeting will decide whether  to meet the concerned  persons or not.

“There is no trouble brewing in MCP, it’s just that everyone is getting attracted to the party because it’s a hot party. We have called for a management meeting to deal with issues in that letter. Other issues relate to the convention and other issues for discussion.

“The regional chairpersons are not part of the meeting, and if we feel the committee wants some clarity, power will be given to the secretary general to call for a roundtable. But we wonder why they decided to get these issues to the media because we should have discussed inhouse first,” he said.

MCP secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka earlier this week urged all regional chairpersons to submit names of delegates to the convention by yesterday, Friday, but they should not include names of those recently-co-opted into the regional committees.

Sees disagreements in political
parties as normal: Mkhutche

Regional chairpersons Zebron Chilondola (Centre), Joseph Chavula (North-South), Augustine Chidzanja (Lakeshore) and Peter Simbi (South) wrote Mkaka, telling him that what he is demanding from them is not in MCP constitution.

They argue that their actions are in line with Article 25(6) of the MCP constitution and long-standing regional committee practices.

Further, the chairpersons argue that co-opting new members into the regional committees has been the tradition in the party.

Some regions, they add, filled positions as recently as February 2024 while others have regularly incorporated new members to ensure smooth regional operations and never consulted the SG, because they simply complied with MCP constitutional provisions.

Meanwhile, political pundit Wonderful Mkhutche has said the squabbles in MCP are necessary as the party is transforming itself into the new laws.

“Party discipline does not mean people should not disagree, but should disagree in a healthy manner that keeps the party intact. So far, this is what one can see in MCP,” he said.

Article 34 of the MCP constitution establishes the management committee of the national executive committee (NEC) which shall be delegated the powers of the NEC for the more effective and efficient execution of the aims and objectives of the party.

It comprises the president, deputy president, secretary general and treasurer general, legal adviser, publicity secretary and all directors, and is supposed to meet monthly or as often as required.

The decisions of management committee, it says, shall be submitted to the full NEC for ratification.

MCP is set to hold its elective convention from August 10 to 12 this year ahead of the September 16 2025 General Elections.

The post MCP meets Monday over chairpersons’ concerns first appeared on Nation Online.

The post MCP meets Monday over chairpersons’ concerns appeared first on Nation Online.