Mbonimana former MP of Rwanda to publish a book on Sobriety

Dr. Gemariel Mbonimana, a former Member of Parliament, has announced the upcoming release of his book titled “Embracing the power of sobriety,” which aims to discourage drug addiction and alcohol abuse, particularly among the youth.

He said in an X post, “Breaking the silence! My book ‘Embracing the power of sobriety’ is making its way to Kinyarwanda translation. Join us in exploring President Paul Kagame impactful path towards personal and collective growth, inspiring youth for a conscious and empowered future stay tuned!”

He told The New Times that his decision to write the book was influenced by his own struggle with alcoholism, which ultimately led to his resignation from parliament last year.

Mbonimana’s resignation from parliament came after president Kagame expressed concerns about a member of parliament repeatedly appearing in police reports for drunk driving.

The offender, who enjoyed immunity as a lawmaker, evaded legal consequences despite being found drunk driving on multiple occasions. President Kagame emphasized that those in power should never use it to endanger their own lives or the lives of others.

Almost a year after his resignation, Mbonimana, who is also the director of research, consultancy and innovation at east African University Rwanda, is set to release a book highlighting the detrimental effects of alcohol abuse.

“I want to contribute to raise awareness and educate young people about the dangers of drug and alcohol addiction,” he said.

Source: ABC news


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