Man Rescued from Attempting Suicide in Balaka

People from Maduwani Village and Nailuwa helped each other to save the life of Madison Gustino who attempted to commit suicide in Balaka.

Madison Gustino, from the village of Nailuwa, who is also an employee of a security company called Group 4 Security (G4S) tied himself on Sunday night on October 29, 2023, after hating the decision he received in the conflict that arose between him and his friends.

Mr. Gustino is said to have been falsely accused of stealing his friend’s cell phone at a bar in Mululu in Balaka district, and the owner of the cell phone took the case to the chief.

According to reports Gustino, was not happy with the decision which filed in the chief’s court, by ordering him to pay money amounting to K35,000.

Out of respect for the king’s decision, Mr. Gustino gave the money, but he was not very happy with the decision

On Sunday night, October 29, 2023, he was found tied to a tree near the road and when he was seen, people ran and cut the rope that tied him and took him to the Utale Mission Hospital

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