Man drowns in Nyakamba River in Ngabu

A 25 year – old – man has died after he was washed away by running water when he tried to cross Nyakamba River in Ngabu.

The deceased has been identified as Khalimu Njunge of Malemia Village, Traditional Authority Ngabu in Chikwawa District.

Njunge met his fate as he was coming from his garden.

He decided to cross the river which was flooded and the water swept him away.

When parents realized that their son was not coming back home, they started searching for him up until they found his bicycle abandoned along the river.

This prompted them to call other people to search further and his body was found lifeless.

After receiving the information Ngabu Police detectives rushed to the scene accompanied by Ngabu Rural Hospital medical officers and conducted postmortem which revealed that death was due to suffocation secondary to drowning.

Meanwhile Police in the district are warning people to avoid crossing flooded rivers during this rainy season to prevent similar incidents.







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