Man arrested for murder in Mwanza

A 28 year old man is in Police custody at Mwanza police station for murder.

The suspect is identified as Francis Wyson of Hau Village, Traditional Authority Kanduku in Mwanza, it is reported that Francis had a fight with his friend Ian Kamzingeni on 20th October 2023 and on that day Ian went at his home late around 22:00hrs, he found all his parents asleep and that he had to knock on the door, when his father opened up, he was surprised to have seen him laying flat on the floor in a pool of blood.

Ian explained to his father that he was beaten by Francis, he was taken to Mwanza District Hospital where he was treated as an out patient, Ian showed some signs of healing up until on 30th October where his condition worsened, he was then admitted at Mwanza hospital and was put on an oxygen machine until he died on November 1, 2023 during night hours.

Matter was reported to police who immediately went on investigating the matter, a postmortem was conducted at Mwanza district hospital where the cause of death was due to severe chest infection secondary to trauma (Haemopneumothorax).

Police is advising the youths to always resort in contact and dialogue and avoid petty fights at all cost.

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